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The Contractor Selection Process Can Be Overwhelming

As you know. all construction and renovation projects require you to hire one or more contractors. Contractor selection can definitely be a daunting task. Even if you have in-depth knowledge of the trades, it’s hard to know whether a contractor is qualified, reliable and trustworthy. That’s where our in-depth, real life construction experience makes a difference.

How Engineering Support Services Can help

Our team of engineers and architects has boots-on-the-ground, practical construction management experience. We know what it takes to plan and manage successful construction and renovation projects because we’ve done it ourselves. That experience means we know how to find skilled contractors. And, once we’ve found them, we know how to vet them. We’ll make sure your bids are coming from the best contractors for your project.

The ESS Contractor Selection Process

Here’s what you can expect from our contractor selection process:

First, we’ll help you find qualified contractors.

Because we’ve worked in construction, we know how to identify qualified construction contractors. Lots of trades people talk a good game. It takes real experience like ours to know whether they can actually work on a specific project. Our experience also means we have worked with lots of contractors in all trades. So, the critical first step in contractor selection is easier with ESS.

Next, we’ll conduct a pre-bid meeting.

Our experienced construction contractor selection team knows the importance of making sure everyone is on the same page. An on-site meeting with all the contractors you’re considering helps make that happen. We’ll show the contractors the project site and review the plans and drawings. When a contractor asks a question, all contractors will hear the same answer at the same time. This meeting goes a long way toward making sure bids are on an equal playing field when it comes time to select contractors.

Often, a pre-bid meeting will raise questions or details that need clarification. For this reason, ESS usually develops a project addendum after the meeting. This addendum ensures all contractors have the same information in the same format.

Then, we’ll collect and evaluate the bids.

Even when our communication is clear and detailed, all contractor bids are not the same. When you get contractor selection process support from ESS, the contractor evaluation process is easier. We’ll make sure all contractor bids are complete. We’ll review each one to make sure it’s in compliance with the specs. And, last but not least, we’ll make sure the cost structure is reasonable for the project.

Once we have finished evaluating contractor bids, we write a detailed report. We’ll explain the details of all construction contractor bids in a way that will make sense to you and your team. You’ll know exactly what each contractor is promising and whether we think they can deliver on that promise.

And, finally, we’ll help you select contractors.

Once we have completed the report, we’ll review it with you. You’ll get the advantage of our in-depth construction experience. Evaluating contractors is easier and more straightforward when you have a clear, practical report in your hands. And, because we put the work in up front, you’ll know that the bids are solid and realistic.

The contractor selection process managed by ESS will give you the confidence you need to move on to the construction phase. You’ll know that you have the best contractors for your project.

When it’s time to start work, you’ll need someone to monitor the project to make sure the contractors are delivering on their promises. You can get that support from our experienced team. Learn more about our contractor management services by visiting our construction management and monitoring services page.

Select contractors quickly and confidently with help from ESS.

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