Roofing System Evaluation

Roofing System Evaluation

Your Building’s Roof is its first defense against the elements.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your building. That’s because, along with the façade, it protects the entire structure from the elements. Your roofing system is also key to making climate control more effective. ESS offers expert roofing system evaluation for all types of roofs. We also help building owners and managers solve their roofing problems.


Our roofing experts have hands-on experience with all types of roofing systems. But our expertise doesn’t end there. We understand the importance of attic ventilation and how it contributes to the life of a roofing system. We know code requirements for R-value and flashing. There are many details related to roof integrity. We navigate them all to ensure you receive the best roofing system for your building. 


Your commercial or multi-family building’s roofing system is so important, it should be inspected every year. Our professional engineers will not only evaluate the condition of your roof, they’ll give you an estimate of its remaining useful life. If your roof is near the end of its life, our team can prepare the specifications and drawings you will need to replace it. We can also help you secure contractor bids and monitor the project. 

repair and renovation management


When a roofing system evaluation reveals issues, ESS is there to help you resolve them. Our experienced construction management team has the skills to manage the entire construction project, from drawings to close out.

Don’t let hail damage become a bigger issue.

Hail claim specialists may talk a good game, but beware. For example, your hail claim probably won’t cover upgrading attic ventilation. ESS has helped many clients navigate the hail claim process. We make sure all the right elements are included in bids and that you get maximum claim coverage.

Not all roofing components are created equal.

You and your staff may have the time and expertise to manage roofing projects. Even if you do, an independent, third party engineer from ESS can give you peace of mind. Contractors tend to specify the products that work best for them, whether they are right for your project or not. When you work with ESS, you’ll know the materials used in your roofing system are right for your situation – not just the ones we get a deal on.

Flat roof inspection

Flat Roofing system Evaluation

Flat roofs are the mainstay of most commercial construction. Knowing the structural and material differences between  flat roofs and pitched roofs is key to thorough flat roof evaluation and maintenance.

A properly installed and well-maintained flat roof can protect your commercial building for many years. But when it begins to fail, it can cause significant problems in the whole building. That’s why frequent, thorough flat roof inspections are so important.

The ESS roofing system evaluation team knows how to identify flat roof issues before they become problems. When you get a flat roof inspection from us, you’ll know exactly where the real and potential issues lie. And you’ll know what it will take to fix them. Moreover, our flat roofing system evaluation report will be written in plain, straightforward language. Just what you need to get stakeholder buy in.  

Make sure your roof is doing its job. Get a roofing system evaluation from Engineering Support Services. 

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