siding & masonry evaluation

Siding and Masonry Evaluation

A Building’s Façade is Part of its First Line of Defense Against the Elements

Building façades work in partnership with roofs to maintain the integrity of your building. Cracked bricks, stone or mortar will allow moisture in, causing undetected moisture intrusion issues. Siding can also fail in its job of protecting your building. Damaged siding can result in more than moisture issues. At best, your HVAC won’t work efficiently. Worse yet, you could easily have an insect infestation. That’s why regular siding and masonry evaluation is so important.

How do I know if siding or masonry is failing?

If you notice visible holes or cracks, you know your building envelope has started to fail. But not all siding and masonry issues are that obvious. Do you have peeling paint or other signs of mold? Do you see rotting wood? Then you probably need a siding and masonry evaluation. Even if you don’t see any visible evidence, your cladding may just be failing due to age or wear and tear. A professional masonry and siding evaluation is the best way to know if you have issues. 

If your façade is siding or masonry, ESS can evaluate its effectiveness. We’ll let you know the issues and recommend repairs, replacement or maintenance. ESS also performs assessments for stucco and EIFS.

The ESS Siding and Masonry Evaluation Process

When Engineering Support Services evaluates your siding or masonry, you can expect a detailed, thorough inspection. Depending on the building and site specifics, we perform evaluations from the ground, swing stage, ladders or lift. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First, our team of engineers, architects and construction experts will determine the general condition of your façade and any deficiencies. Usually, this is a visual inspection, but your building may require more invasive techniques.
  • Next, ESS will evaluate flashing systems used to direct water out of the wall system. We want to learn whether moisture has gotten into the wall. ESS uses wet wall detectors, thermal imaging, and invasive methods to inspect walls for moisture.
  • For masonry buildings, our team will determine areas that require tuckpointing, repair, or rebuilding.
  • Finally, we’ll write a report that’s realistic and easy to understand. You’ll know your exact issues and what it will take to fix them.

ESS Evaluation REPORTS

Our user-friendly reports provide all the information you need to make informed decisions about your façade. ESS reports are written without jargon or insider terminology. Our recommendations are practical and straightforward.


Our inspection may determine that your cladding is failing due to age or weather. Does the façade need to be replaced? Or will an extensive repair project address the issues? We’ll let you know. In either case, ESS can prepare the specifications and drawings that are used to obtain contractor bids for repair or replacement. 

siding evaluation

.Siding evaluation

Many different types of siding are used to clad buildings. ESS staff is proficient in evaluating all types of siding. We’ll look for failures and determine whether the siding system is installed properly. Improperly installed or severely aged siding can create a potential for moisture infiltration which leads to wall and framing damage, window damage and interior drywall damage. It can also be a target for insect infestation and weather-related damage.

If you’re about to start an exterior painting project, give us a call. Our team will determine what siding and trim should be replaced before you start the project. That will save you time and money in the long run. You’ll be able to choose the best contractors for repairs instead of choosing whoever is available in an effort to keep the painting project moving forward.

Regardless of the type of building or siding, a siding evaluation from ESS is the best way to make sure your siding is doing its job.

masonry evaluation

Stone and Brick Masonry Evaluation

Masonry and stone are popular building materials. They’re strong, durable and fire-resistant. Masonry and stone add a rich look to any building façade.

Mortar and masonry should be inspected regularly to make sure they maintain their integrity. Although highly weather resistant, masonry can crack or spall in Chicago weather. Even high-grade mortar deteriorates over time.

Sometimes, particularly in older buildings, a masonry wall will start to bow. Whether the wall is a full wythe mass wall or veneer wall, bowing is a sign of instability. Many times, bowing walls need to be stabilized or rebuilt.

Regular inspections of masonry helps avoid  bigger issues. No matter what masonry or stone cladding your building has, the ESS team knows where to look for issues. And, once we find them, we know the best ways to fix them.


Protect your building’s façade with siding and masonry evaluation from ESS.


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